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MG Design and Build is the reliable builders in St Albans establish almost 25 years ago. We have a lot of experience and have fully qualifying staff. We do everything for you, from building and designing. We are the number one choice of clients. We cover the areas of North London, St Albans Hertfordshire, and the surrounding areas too. Also, we make sure to provide customers with time and budget-friendly services. Our services are thoroughly professional. Also, while working, we make sure to keep high standards. Our utmost priority is to fulfil the client’s demand. While working on your property, you don’t need to take stress or worry about anything.

Builders in St AlbansWe are a family-run business-based company. In the past, we have done quite many building projects in which domestic and commercial projects are including. At the time the client hires us for the service, we arrange a meeting with them. It allows us to learn the requirements of the customers. Also, it makes project management easy for us. You can hire us for a loft conversion, kitchen designs, or any other aspects of building projects.

Choose Our Best Builders in St Albans

Mgdesignandbuildar is a well-established building company, specialises in all kinds of building services. We like to clear one thing; our service is not limited to the building; we can design the project with you. We advise the client whenever needed. We tell them the best plan for them according to their requirements, keeping in mind the surroundings.

  • Set a Meeting with the Customer

Before making a plan or giving advice to the customer, we meet with them. In the meeting, we try to get to know the idea or concept the customer has in mind. We need to understand client requirements, as it allows us to serve them well. In the meeting, we also get an idea about the expectations clients have from us. We assure them we will not let them down and move on to the next stage.

  • Proper Planning and Working on the Design

Once the meeting is done, we draw a full plan for the customer. If you are hiring us for the new build, we will first survey the property. Then our architect makes a rough plan for better understanding. The in-detail artwork includes elevations that exist and is proposing too—the whole building’s layout and the staircase and other small details. While presenting the design, we also tell the client the estimated budget for the entire project.

Best drawing is essential to make sure the client is ok with the plan, and also, it becomes easy for us to explain everything to our team. The things that are mainly included in the technical designs are the windows, doors, plumbing system layout, ventilation layout, and even steel structure.

  • Arrangement of Construction Material and Required Tools

Once the client is satisfied with the design, then we move on to the next step. We arrange the material needed for the construction. Also, as our client, you don’t need to put tools. We have all the tools. We equip our workers before sending them to your door. In short, once you hire us for any construction task, we manage everything for you. You can focus on other tasks without worrying.

  • Build and Compilation of Task

When we start the building process, we tell customers the time frame and complete the task without delay. While building the property, we make sure not to create any mess. Our builders in Harpenden work with a proper plan and strategy. Even if you want to pay a visit while our team is working for you, you can. You will easily able to understand which task our builders are working on. You can even ask a question from them about anything. Our builders in St Albans will answer your questions.


Payment discussion always comes at the end of the beginning of the service. We believe that if the client is happy with our service, for sure, they will pay us without any problem. When the client book the service from us, we provide project price estimation to them; as soon the design is finalised by the client, we can tell the exact price needed to finish the process. Once the deal is done and the contract is signed between the client and us, we don’t discuss the price again. At the end of the service, when the client visits the newly constructed area or changes made within the property by themselves and feels satisfied, the price discussion comes.

We like to clear to our customers that each service price is not the same. The price depends on the amount of work we have to do. To make sure clients get proper clarification, we breakdown the cost for them too.

Why MG Design and Build is the Best?

  • The construction services we offer to the customer are of standard. We never compromise on quality, no matter what the situation is.
  • Also, all our services are available at a fair price. We don’t keep anything hidden from the customer related to the price. According to us, honesty is the best trait, as it is the only way to build a friendly connection with the customer.
  • The material we use in each construction project is also of first-class quality.
  • All our workers are trained and skilled. When they arrive at your property, we assure you that you will not face any security issues. Before hiring each worker for our company, we make sure they are not involved in any suspicious activities. Even at the time, they are working for our company; we monitor them.
  • We have all the maintained tools that are needed to finish the task smoothly. In our presence, you don’t need to arrange or manage anything on your own.
  • In the presence of our workers, you don’t need to take any stress or worry. We make you provide complete peace of mind to our customers.
  • We don’t take any charges from our customers when they need to consult something from us. Also, you don’t have to pay for the assessment.

Excellent Customer Care Service

Our customer care service is available for our beloved customers, 24/7. If you have any questions or need details about our service, you can email us at or You can also give us a call at 07377629072 or 07368117323. Our staff will respond to your request quickly. A small form is also present on our website; you can send us a message from there too.

Get Instant Quotes from Us!

It is a common instinct that people like to know about the service’s price before getting the service. We provide free price estimation to our customers. Just tell us the idea you have in mind related to construction, also what kind of construction you want us to do. Considering all the information you provide us for the service, we can tell the customer price estimation. The estimation we say to the customer is not exact, but the difference is not a lot.

You can even compare the price we tell you from other companies. For sure you will notice that our price is reasonable than others. So, if you are looking are any construction service, do give us a chance. For sure, our service will not disappoint you.