Along with ‘how much will it cost?’, asking about the time frame of your luxury dream home is one of the most common question clients ask at the start of the home building process.

According to the latest survey of construction, the average time it took to take a new home from authorisation to completion was 6.6 months for a spec house, in contrast to a minimum of 12.5 months for an owner built home. 

Having said this, a true custom home means that nothing has been pre-planned, and the project and process has to be flexible. Most importantly, investing time upfront to get things right on the first go always ends up saving you both time and money in the long run. Whilst cutting corners may feel like a good option at the time, enabling you to move into the home of your dreams as soon as possible, it is not recommended in the long run.

How Can I Speed Up How Long My Luxury Home Will Take To Build?

  • Selecting the perfect architect and builder for your project from the outset. Whilst it is true that things can and do go wrong, it is fundamental that your chosen teams have the expertise to anticipate and mitigate issues before they cause delays, enabling you to have a smoother building process.
  • You want your builder to be organised with strong internal systems and processes for handling permits and inspections. Discuss with your builder to commit to a weekly site viewing for you, so that should any changes be made they can be amended as quickly as possible. A builder that has a strong, reliable network of subcontractors will vastly shorten your buyer chain and enable you to get the products and experts you need as quickly as possible.
  • Stick to the original design as much as you can, indecision can cost you time and money and can derail a schedule. Whilst you can change most elements of your design after the process has begun, the more change orders you add the more likely the price is to increase.
  • When the time comes, hire an interior designer. Even if you think you have an impeccable design eye, going at it alone lacks the organisation and experience of an interior designer, who will be able to keep the process moving and keep on track of your schedule and budget.
  • Having said that, given that you are investing in the home of your dreams, leave some wiggle room in the budget. Unexpected expenses can crop up, and having the ability to be flexible (to an extent) around that will vastly benefit not only the project, but lower your overall stress levels about the project. 

Common Variables That Negatively Affect The Time Scale of Your Luxury Build

Whilst you can certainly stack some variables in your favour to ensure your luxury home is built as quickly and smoothly as possible, some factors are entirely down to fate. This unpredictability in certain areas highlights why it is so fundamentally important to have some flexibility in your project

Whilst your building team can control a lot of what goes on whilst on site, weather is not one of those things. Varying temperatures can cause problems with concrete hardening or paint drying, or conversely, sustained high temperatures (perhaps a bit optimistic for the UK!) can detrimentally alter the drying process.

Bureaucracy is another obstacle that your project will face, and everything, and I mean, everything, needs to be crossed, dotted and signed, over and over again.

The size and complexity of your design, combined with the capability of your team will affect how long your design takes to become a reality. If you are building a 60,000 ft house with an indoor pool, it is to be expected that it may take longer than your average build. Be patient, when completion comes it will be worth every unforeseen delay or unavoidable hiccup.

Often the building process can take longer in rural areas compared to well-connected ones with ready access to supplies and labour. Again, we look back to the importance of a well-connected builder to ease this process.



Ultimately, the time taken to build your luxury dream home has a number of variables. If you are looking for concrete numbers (pardon the pun), perhaps a good approximate guide would be 3-9 months for pre-construction including the design process, obtaining a site, permits and loan approval. The construction stage can take anywhere between 10 months to 2 years, but with your dream home being constructed before your eyes, who’s to say it isn’t worth every second of waiting?

The luxury home building process is a truly collaborative one. Whether you have a hands on or laissez-faire approach, you, as the client are an indispensable part of the team, with more influence on the project’s timeline than you might know. 

If you are interested in building the home you’ve always dreamed of, at MG Design and Build we are here to deliver your vision for a high-end custom built home, and help you along the entire process. From the architectural design phase to construction planning, to the final build, we advise and help you along the way. With our skills and expertise in luxury home building, we’ll roll up our sleeves to ensure you get the custom home you’ve always dreamed of.