When it comes to building your dream home, you want everything to be perfect. A common misconception when it comes to starting your design process, is choosing an architect without the imperative input of a builder. 

By appointing both from the outset, with personalities and styles to complement each other and your brief, disappointment and delays can be avoided further down the line.

Imagine this: your dream home is coming to life on paper, drawn by your specially chosen architect. It has all of the features you had hoped for, but when building commences, the project is vastly out of budget and building materials are unavailable. 

Your dream home could well fall below expectations, resulting in you living in what was meant to be your dream home, echoing those disappointments.

By appointing both an architect and a builder at the start of the architectural design process, you can really benefit from the magic that results from both of their insightful and expert collaboration.

Collaboration Between Builder & Architect Has Many Benefits

Collaborating with an architect simultaneously brings in their expertise on:

  • Making your vision come alive on paper.
  • Ideas and lessons learned from previous projects.
  • Insight into latest design trends.
  • Knowledge of deed restrictions (limitations placed on the use of property), HOA (Home Owners Association) approvals and permitting processes.

What benefits would bringing a builder in at the start of Your Luxury Home Build Project have?

  • Translating your vision from paper to reality.
  • Extensive knowledge, ideas and lessons from previous projects regarding materials, labour options and availability.
  • A guide to costs before plans are completed, avoiding you being left in the dust and out of budget.

Ultimately you want to click with the communication style of your builder and rest easy knowing that they are delivering exactly what you outlined.

Bringing both areas of expertise together provides a plethora of knowledge, consolidated into your project. Working as a team instead of solo workers maximises not only the quality of plans produced, but vastly decreases complications and delays further into your project.

You can also consider looking for design and build companies like ourselves who can smoothly project manage your dream home, leaving you in charge to get the results you’ve been waiting for. 


At MG Design and Build we are a partner you can trust and who can deliver your dream home for you and your family, delivering first-class quality at every turn. At MG we aren’t just limited to building, we can assist you in designing the project and apply our team of architects and interior designers to make your envisioned plans into a reality.

Getting the home of your dreams shouldn’t be an anxious, stressful or bank breaking experience. We are with you every step of the way to ensure it is as smooth and first-class as possible. Choose our MG partnership to help you on your journey to your new home, and don’t hesitate to speak to an expert today!