Building Your Dream Home Build Team: Selecting Your Architect

If you’re in the process of designing and building your luxury dream home, you will know that choosing your architect is one of the most important decisions in assembling your build team.

Your architect will have a key influence on realising your vision of your dream home, so getting it right is not a decision you can take lightly.

An architect you can trust, work well with and deliver your dream home for you and your family is the ultimate goal.

In this post, we will give you some top tips for choosing the right architect for your custom home who can effectively translate your ideas, hopes and wants into a showstopping design and final product.

Recommended Architects In The Hertfordshire Area

A good first step to take when searching for the right architect is to ask around for word of mouth referrals. Listening to people you trust will give you an insight into how the process worked for them.

If you get recommended an architect who is also local to the Hertfordshire area you will be onto a winner because not only have they had a great testimonial from your friend, but they will also be familiar with the area, designing for the local landscape, and also be able to refer you to close-by builders and contractors.

They also might be a better choice against another architect who isn’t local as they will understand the local planning stipulations. It really can make all the difference if they have previous (successful) experience of dealing with local planners.

If you can’t find an architect by word of mouth, online and on social media should be your next best shout. Websites like Houzz and The Homeowner’s Alliance can help in your search. You can also search the RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects) for certified architects in your local area too.

Interviewing Your Custom Home Build Architect

Once you have a shortlist of around 3-5 architects you think will work well for you, invite them to the location of your site and interview them. This can help you get a real grasp of their specialities, strengths, weaknesses (hopefully not many) and, crucially, their costs.

A face-to-face meeting will also help you assess how well you think you could work with this person. Keep in mind you are looking for someone who will listen to you, respect your budget, and also spend many hours with!

Finally, and most importantly, evaluate their design style and whether it truly matches your personal aesthetic. Their design philosophy and personality can really make an impact on the final plans of your home, and if it doesn’t match up with your vision then your partnership won’t be a good fit.

Tips For Choosing Your Architect

When discussing your brief and choosing your architect, these do’s and don’ts might come in handy:

  • Do be clear on your must-haves and want-to-haves and don’t let your architect sway you too much to their vision – make sure they listen to yours!
  • Don’t get too carried away – remember any design and architectural elements you add means more investment needed.
  • Do be upfront with your architect on your budget – including what you are comfortable paying them whether this is a percentage or flat fee. This is also the time to ask about additional fees if there are any project changes in the future.
  • Don’t ignore the fact planning authorities can stop your project in its tracks. This means design in guidance with what’s likely to achieve planning permission and save yourself the pain of having to start over.
  • Do be clear with your brief. Architects haven’t got the time or patience to waste on a project that is changing its tune every other week.
  • Don’t forget to view your shortlisted architects’ portfolio. This can give you an insight into their design style and experience.
  • Do ask how they will help you visualise your project – do they use 2D or 3D modelling or drawings?
  • Do ask about the architect’s workload. If they are busy with other clients, this could impact your project timeline and how efficiently they keep you up to date with progress and amends.
  • Finally, don’t forget to ask for references for your architect. If you can follow up with a few of their previous clients, you can see what exactly these architects’ strengths are and how best they can work with you.


Choosing a luxury home architect is a big decision so take the time to analyse your architect’s experience, personality, and creativity so that you get the very best design for your future home.

If you’re looking for an architect and team of experienced builders that can all work together to help deliver your dream home, then why not get in touch with us at MG Design & Build.

You can rest easy with a design and build team you can rely on, keeping you and your family at the centre of the project, from start to finish.