Building Your Dream Home Build Team: Selecting Your Interior Designer

If you’ve chosen your architect and builder for your luxury dream home, then next on the list is selecting your interior designer.

Your interior designer will bring the bones of your custom home to life, adding the personal and creative touches that help realise the vision you have had your whole life of what your dream home would look like.

The ideal interior designer will be one who can translate your ideas into reality, and really produce a show-stopping home in the exact look and feel you desire.

In this post, we will give you some top tips for choosing the right interior designer for you and your family that meets your style and your budget.

What Is The Difference Between An Interior Designer & Interior Decorator?

Depending on when you involve your interior designer/decorator in your design and build process, they will be involved with different aspects of the design and decoration of your custom build home.

Interior designers can offer their expertise in home build and design, including structural elements, in collaboration with your architect.

Unlike this, an interior decorator is only responsible for decorative elements like furnishings, fixtures, and accessories. Interior decorators don’t get involved with any structural design, only adding the finishing touches to an already constructed space.

Interior designers will work throughout the design and build process, from architectural drawings to construction, and then the fitting and decorating stage. This means they can align the construction of your home with the design elements you want – it’s a much more coordinated approach.

When Should You Hire Your Interior Designer For Your Luxury Home Build?

As highlighted in the paragraph above, the best time to hire your interior designer is at the beginning of your custom build process. This means they can be involved with the architectural drawing phase to provide their design guidance and expertise.

When your interior designer and architect work together they can deliver you the best version of your future home. They will both be able to marry their expertise in functionality, structure, constructability and design, with your vision and desires.

Because of this, it is best to make sure you bring together your selected architect, interior designer, and builder together at the very early stages of your process, specifically your design meetings.

Choosing Your Interior Designer For Your Custom Build Home

When it comes to choosing an interior designer it’s almost like going on a date. You are looking for more than just experience, expertise, and credibility, but also personality, trust and aligned priorities.

Only then will you be able to really roll with your creative vision to produce a stunning custom-built home.

To do this, you must begin by asking the right questions – the same as what you would do on your first date:

  • What are the designer’s ideas for the project?
  • What inspiration will the designer pull from?
  • Do they have experience with properties similar to yours?
  • What is their fee structure (is it a flat fee, percentage, or hourly compensation)?
  • How long do they expect the project to take to complete?
  • Do they have availability for your project, or do they work with a team?
  • How do they organise the project, budget, deliveries, and managing problems?

Recommended Interior Designers In Hertfordshire

An interior designer will work to your brief, but when you’re reviewing an interior designer’s profile or their website, you’re likely to see previous projects you’re immediately encouraged by, which will help you draw up a shortlist.

This can be a good starting point for your discussions as you’ll be able to point to looks, or specific aspects of a project, that inspire you.

Then you can ask for references from your interior designer so you can speak to their previous clients and get an idea of the way they worked together and the sort of design they are capable of producing.

Learning about someone else’s experience is one of the best ways to figure out if a candidate is the right interior designer for you.


Choosing a luxury home interior designer is a big decision so take the time to analyse their experience, personality, and creativity so that you get the very best design for your future home.

If you’re looking for an interior designer, architect and team of experienced builders that can all work together to help deliver your dream home, then why not get in touch with us at MG Design & Build.

Partner with us and we will be happy to be your dream home build team to ensure your vision is made into reality.

You can rest easy with a design and build team you can rely on, keeping you and your family at the centre of the project, from start to finish.