Are you ready to build the custom home of your dreams?

Whether you are at the first stages of building your luxury home or already have architectural drawings, this article will break down the six key phases of your custom home building journey.

Remember that with the right partners, your custom home building journey will be as smooth and rewarding as possible.


Phase 1: Initial Meeting

During the initial meeting stage, clients will meet with us over several weeks to fully establish the plan of action for the custom home building process. Wants, wishes and needs will be outlined and any questions they have will be cleared up by our client management team.

A dedicated project manager will be allocated to their project, and the client will have time to get to know them and understand exactly how the process will be rolled out.

If the client already has an architect working on their drawings, we will also meet them and discuss the construction elements of how we can bring that vision to life.

We understand that custom home clients are looking for a build team that will be with them every step of the way, so we make sure we work closely with the architect until we reach a stage where everything outlined needs no further changes.

Phase 2: Architectural Design for Custom Homes

In the situations where our clients haven’t already hired an architect, we introduce them to our architectural design team and run through the adjoining process of a standard custom build – designing the architectural drawings!

Our team of architects are local to Hertfordshire and surrounding counties so have understanding and experience with working within local planning stipulations. They also understand the key importance of understanding you and your family’s personal aesthetic to really make your dream a reality.

After the discovery phase with our architect, we will then go through a few phases of developing architectural drawings and 3D models of how your custom build will look and feel. Once happy, we move onto the next stage of the process.

Phase 3: Specification Development and Estimation

In this phase, we develop the building specifications for your luxury custom build home. Within this, we will also be able to provide you with a full price for the build. Because we will know exactly what construction and appliances are needed, we can calculate an estimate for the build and the full prices for the next phases – first and second fit – including the prices for appliances and furnishings.

Once we enter this stage, we will ensure the architect has designed the home to your budget but also that your visions for what the home will look like can match what investment you are willing to provide for this project. If any changes are needed at this stage, we can go back to either phase 1 or 2 and made those necessary amends.

Finally, in this phase, we will go over your client selections for finishes, colours, textures etc. However, if these selections may have been established in your architectural design phase or with your interior designer, then we will accommodate what you have already planned.

Phase 4: Construction of Luxury Home

At this stage, construction finally begins. In technical terms, the construction phase is actually the easiest stage of the process. If everything has been done right, and selections are final, then the construction takes care of itself.

Our team of expert builders begin with the foundations of the house and the shell, and then continue to build up until you will finally see your vision become a reality. A lot of our clients will be excited for this stage particularly because the process becomes real when brick and mortar meet.

During the months of the build phase, you will be involved in the action from start to finish, coming for two-weekly evaluations of your home. At this point, changes can be made but only in the most important of situations. It must be acknowledged however that any changes at this late stage will encounter delays to your timeline and often costs associated with changing materials and re-doing work.

Phase 5: First and Second Fix

After the construction of your luxury dream home is completed, the build team moves onto what we call ‘first fix’ and ‘second fix’.

First fix is the installation of electrical and plumbing lines as well as anything regarding the construction of internal walls. Examples include boarding, cables, gas pipes, electricity, water and plastering.

Second fix is all the joinery and appliances installation such as flooring, tiling, radiators, kitchen and bathroom appliances (sinks and baths) and final finishes.

So let’s take the lighting in your new build. First fix would be laying the cable up to the position of the switch and the ceiling. Then second fix would be screwing the switch to the wall, connecting it, and hanging the light.

The separation between both stages is convenient for you to understand what we have completed and what is left to do.

Phase 6: Sign off and Warranty

This last phase in the build process covers the sign-off, final walk through and warranty transfer.  At this stage, we ensure everything is of the high quality standard you expect, and we hand over the paperwork you need such as building regulation sign-off, warranty documents and anything else.

After final payment is made, we hand you the keys to your forever home. Now your dream really is a reality!


The custom homebuild process is a lengthy one but is one of the most rewarding and exciting journeys you can ever experience.

At MG Design & Build we offer our services for your entire luxury custom home build or are happy to just provide a build team if you have already established architectural drawings.

Ready to take the next step? Choose MG Design & Build as your custom home team and get experience from passionate experts who always put your interests first. Don’t hesitate to speak to one of our experts today!