Why Us

Why We Are Considered The Best in The Business

Why Us

Luxury homebuilding is our passion and our calling. With us as your architectural design and build team, you will get an extraordinary homebuilding experience.  

For most people, building a brand new custom home is the most ambitious project they’ll ever take on. It’s fast-paced, it’s complex, and it can be a bit overwhelming, especially at the beginning. We understand that totally, and we want to help you create a luxury high end home that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. 

Why We Are Considered The Best in The Business 

We are a full-service bespoke home construction company with 25 years of experience in this field. Our mission is to create the luxury dream home you have always wanted, with the highest quality design and construction.  

If you are looking for the perfect company to help you build your dream home and want full involvement in the entire process – from start to end – then look no further than MG Design and Build.  

Why Choose Design and Build 

Rather than choosing a separate architect, contractor, project manager and builders, who don’t work together well and step on each other’s toes, choose a full-service design and build firm like us at MG Design and Build. 

With a professional crew of builders and an inspirational team of architects on your side, all wrapped up in one firm, you know you can get the best out of your new custom build home, with half the hassle of the standard process for bespoke homebuilding. 

Say goodbye to risks of architects not understanding construction costs and complexities and builders who don’t fully appreciate your architectural design dreams. With MG Design and Build, high quality luxury construction begins with collaboration, teamwork, and an alliance of individual expertise, partnered with your wants and needs. 

The MG Design and Build Process 

Our skills and expertise are unmatched in the industry, and with our dedicated team of client managers and build crew, the MG Design and Build Process offers a journey like no other. 

With both an architect and construction team on your side, we can take care of the entire design and build process for you, but also ensure you stay in control from beginning to end.  

Client Consultation and Time Framing 

Our team always starts with a detailed client consultation so that we can develop a proper project plan and time frame. Once your ideas are down on paper, architectural drawings begin and before long your specifications are being drawn up. 

We keep in contact with you through the entire process, through our dedicated client management team, and once construction begins, you get two-weekly onsite visits to stay fully in the loop. 


The MG Design and Build Process

Our Process

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I cannot compliment MG Design and Build enough, they completed a full refurbishment with a high level finish. Highly reccomend this outfit

John M (Harpenden)

Top points for these guys, very impressive from start to finish, stayed within budget and completed as per schedule.

Andy L (customer)

I had an Extension built on my house and from the beginning to the end the process was smooth and professional at all times.

Fiona H (customer)

I'm always impressed with the services

John R (Customer)